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The links on the upper left side of this page are primarily concerned with my music and career.

It features a biography, music samples, a section on my Dad, "The Silver Fox". The road section features information about recent or upcoming shows. There's a merchandise section, where you can buy CDs, and photos. There's also a full length video section, a guestbook area, and finally a weblog, which I try to update frequently.

I will also be addressing some of the questions that I'm often asked during my travels. So, with that in mind, enjoy the site and carry on...


Open source rocks!

Open Source software is any software whose code is available for users to look at and modify freely. Not only is Open Source almost always FREE, but it allows you to look at the code and play around with it or tweak it. It's a great way to learn what makes it tick. It's sort of like getting under the hood of a 57' Chevy. You can see how and why it works. Both PHP and MySQL are Open Source. Another great open source player is Apache, and open source web server. Put the three of them together, and you're in business. You can have state of the art dynamic web sites for FREE!!!! Pretty cool, huh?

Learning the syntax and rules.

There are ample resource on the web where you can learn how to read and write both PHP and MySQL. The best PHP for beginners, in my opinion, is Of course you can also check out the online tutorials at and PHP.NET

Dynamic Web Sites

What is a dynamic website? Dynamic websites use database technology to generate pages “on the fly”. The site content is stored within a database that is either updated automatically, or at least very quickly. is one example of a dynamic website. You do a "search", it gives you results based on the keywords you put in, and you're in business. It allows you to sort the results by price, category, user reviews, etc. It makes shopping on the web superior in so many ways. You're not intimidated by a salesman who has a quota to meet. You can research the produce, read what others have said about it, and make your own decisions sans the pressure of a hard sell. You can take your time, get your facts, and make and more educated purchase.

PHP and MySQL: Made for each other.

There are lots of server side scripting languages. Some are what they call proprietary, in other words you pay money to a company like Microsoft. There's also Cold Fusion. Macromedia handles that, as they bought out the company that created it. Both are great, but for my money (which ain't much), I'll go the free route. There's a neglegable difference in what these server side languages can do. There are also differences in how they do what they do. I heard that Microsoft's .Net Framework was going to be superior in so many ways. More web applications and stuff like that, but given a little time most of these functions are replacated or even improved on by Open Source technologies. There isn't much that can't be done with PHP and MySQL. It may take a little more homework, but either you or someone else in the Open Source Community can usually figure out how to do it.

Real World Practical Applications

Let's say you need a program that will keep track of your "to do lists". You need an organizer. There are literally hundreds of them for free online. Maybe you want to have a list of your songs, but you'd like them alphabetized. You'd also like to be able to sort them by either the title, song writer, publisher, or style. No problem. I found a great little script called PhpMyEdit. It does that. You don't even have to know much about programming. Usually these programs are well commented. In other words, they tell you what each section of the script means, where to place it on your web server, and which CHMOD permissions to set. Don't know what CHMOD is? Well, here's a little tutorial on CHMOD.

Free Free Free

There are several sites that offer complete programs that you can download and use for free. One of my favorite resources is You can find just about anything you could ever possibly need there. Check it out. When you do download these programs, you'll need something to unzip the file, such as WinZip or PowerArchiver. I use PowerArchiver, particularly for Linux files. You'll find that a lot of these programs are made by Linux folk. They're very Open Source oriented. A couple of tips:

Still more stuff...

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Thoughts on some of the people I've played with or known.












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