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It features a biography, music samples, a section on my Dad, "The Silver Fox". The road section features information about recent or upcoming shows. There's a merchandise section, where you can buy CDs, and photos. There's also a full length video section, a guestbook area, and finally a weblog, which I try to update frequently.

I will also be addressing some of the questions that I'm often asked during my travels. So, with that in mind, enjoy the site and carry on...


The Andy Griffith Show
Ah, if life were only like Mayberry. Well, believe it or not, when I grew up in Arkansas, it was sure a heck of a lot more like it. Great values, stories that are so full of humanity and kindness. We all need a Sheriff like Andy Taylor. Don Knotts, who was on the show from 1960-1965 was a comedic genius. He won 5 Emmys for his portrayal of the bumbling deputy Barney Fife. Ever character on the show was priceless, from Floyd the Barber to Aunt Bee to Opie. I still catch the reruns, and they're as fresh today as when I first saw them.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Who wouldn't love Mary Tyler Moore? She was about as likable as it gets. Pretty, yet self-effacing, good, hard working Mary. The entire cast was exceptional, with my favorite being Ted Night, the self centered, air headed news anchor. I used to love watching Mary followed by Bob Newhart. It was just one of those 70s things that I miss now. I wish they would release "more" Mary Tyler more on DVD. As it stands right now, you can get "The Complete First Season" on DVD, and there's a compilation called "The Very Best of Mary Tyler Moore" and "Chuckles Bites The Dust" on VHS.
Walt Disney's Wonderful World Of Color
Davey Crockett, secrets about the art of animation, classic movies, Disneyland, and good ole' Walt himself. This was the first series I ever saw in color. I remember the Billingsly's down the street from us got a color TV, and everyone gathered around to see what this new format was like. Well, Disney made it something special. Great family values, and just a good feeling.
The Civil War - A Film by Ken Burns
I love history, but whether you do or don't, you can't help but be moved by some of the letters and photos that Ken Burns uses in this film. I think it's the greatest documentary ever made. The most successful public-television miniseries in American history, it puts flesh and blood on what would otherwise be cold boring history to many. The miniseries is 11 hours. I taped a lot of it, just so I wouldn't miss a thing. Don't worry, I wasn't bootlegging it, it was just for personal use. It is available on DVD.
"Roots: The Saga of an American Family" had a very strong effect on me when I was growing up. We didn't miss an episode. I saw it again not too long ago, and it's as riveting today as it was when it first came out.
Star Trek
When I first saw "The Menagerie" and or "The Cage", I was hooked. I was just a kid when it first came out, but I remember it was fascinating stuff. I'm not a hard core Trekkie, but I did love the series, the original one that is. Spock, Kirk, Bones... good stuff.
The Simpsons
The Simpsons continually turn out great satire. The longest running TV sitcom ever, it's gotta' be good. Cleverly done, great writers, and the actors/voice who portray the animated characters are second to none. Go get em' Homer.
All Creatures Great And Small
I just bought the DVD of the Complete Series 2 Collection. It cost a few bucks, so I was worried that it wouldn't be as good as I remembered. I didn't have to worry long. I played it for Teri and the kids, and they all love it. It's a very sweet British comedy about the life and times of veterinarian, James Harriet. It's set in the English countryside during the 1930s. All of the stories are great, in fact the James Harriet books have been popular for years. The actors are brilliant, my favorite being Robert Hardy, who plays Siegfried Farnon. The series was produced by the BBC, and is one of their crowning achievements. My favorite show of the second season is "The Beauty Or The Beast". It involves an old man who takes care of horses, and whose prize horse has contracted tetanus. It's a sad one, but funny too. I can't wait to get the Complete 3rd Season on DVD. Christmas maybe;)
I wasn't a big fan of the "Frazier" character on Cheers. Frankly, I thought he was one of the least funny characters they had. I changed my mind, however, when I started watching the Frazier series. Kelsey Grammer has a flawless sense of comedic timing, and gets me laughing every time I see the show. It's ironic what a big deal they made about "Friends'" last season. I don't think it can hold a candle to the sophisticated humor of Frazier, but to each his own.
The Twilight Zone
Rod Serling wrote 96 of the 156 Twilight Zone episodes. He wrote innovative and thought provoking stories. It's been quite a while since I've seen the show in syndication, but I don't remember ever seeing a bad episode, and most were exceptional. You can now get "Treasures Of The Twilight Zone " on DVD.

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