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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Well, my top favorite spot used to be Stafa, Switzerland, but since our last trip to Amsterdam, I just have to make it numero uno. The people we were with had a big part in making it the best trip I've had. We went to several museums, had the best chocolate I've ever had in my life, had great food (wonderful breakfasts), and were basically driven every where and anywhere we wanted to go. How you gonna' be that? We rode on the trains, took the trams - I think my friend Chad even rode a bike in downtown Amsterdam. That takes huevos. I'm dying to go back again the next chance I get. Oh yeah, the coffee shops really do have some most excellent capuccino. I was designated something or other, but I don't quite remember exactly what.
Stafa, Switzerland
This was the best road trip I've ever been on. I was Freddy Fender's bandleader at the time, and we had just experienced a very tiring trip to Australia. Although I love the Australian country and people, this tour was hard on me for personal reasons that I don't care to go in to. 19 gigs in 22 days didn't help. Upon returning from down under, we had 2 days to get ready to go to Switzerland. I loved it. It was hands down THE best trip I've ever had. Freddy's bass player Chris and I had a great time on this one. We took the two rooms that Freddy and Augie were supposed to have had. Freddy said he needed a hotel where they had CNN, and this hotel didn't have any television at all. To each his own, but I loved the quaint personal touch of the Inn where we stayed. Everyone ended up knowing us by name. The staff went out of their way to make us enjoy our stay. In the days we would go to the lake of Zurich, and take the boats from port to port. We shopped, hung out, tried local wines, we had a great time. At night I got coaxed into playing in the lounge downstairs. After the first night, my name got around and I tell you, I considered moving there and getting a house gig. Oh yeah, we played a gig one afternoon, and it went great. I think we had 3 or 4 off days to just walk around and be happy. If I ever win that Powerball, I'm going back for a longer stay.
Destin, Florida
Nothing but fond memories. I lived here from 1974 to 1976 off and on. Well, whenever I wasn't working on the road. My first album photos were taken here. White beaches with aquamarine water, it's pretty darned close to heaven if you ask me. When I was there, it was just a sleepy little fishing village. I went back in 2003 and it looked a little more like Vegas. That said, it was a great time, great food, great ocean. I love Destin, Florida, and still consider it my second home.
San Benito, Texas
Freddy Fender's home town. I met the love of my life here, the one that I will love for the rest of my life. Nuff said? Oh yeah, they have great Mexican food and it's not far from Progresso, Mexico. Very cool.
Kodiak, Alaska
Well, back in 1980 I was considering going into animation full time. I was burnt out on music, or was it just burnt out on me? Either way, I wasn't getting much work. Just as I was about to go show my portfolio to Don Bluth "animation extraordinaire", my buddy Houston called and asked me to come play with him in Alaska. I think I had one days notice. Well, I went, I'm still in music, and the rest is history. I ended up loving Alaska. I had been there with my father in the 70s, but Kodiak was something special. We got to stay there for several weeks, and we really got to know the local people. Many of the Aleut Indians became dear friends of ours. Houston and I used to walk to town a couple of miles each day. We went hiking in the tundra. There were eagles less than a yard away eating on salmon. We saw mountain goats, Kodiak bears, furry chickens, big dogs, the grave of the man that created the Alaskan flag, and ice on the beach. It was awesome.
Costa Rica
This is another time that I was on a cruise ship and we stopped at a port. The first thing we did was get away from the tour bus, and venture out into the little town where we were. Very beautiful, almost paradise. Bananas, coconuts, and mangoes hung from the trees. We went in to a little village where we met some locals. We told them we were musicians, and they led us to a small club where these guys were playing on home made instruments. Everyone was especially nice to us. For five dollars, we ate a meal that was prepared for us. Some young local kids went out and caught us some fish, prepared them, cooked some plantains that were fried in oil, and they even gave us an orange soda. Pretty cool, and delicious. Costa Rica rocks. I'm going back.
Memphis, Tennessee
Home of the Blues, birthplace of Rock and Roll. Memphis is so soulful it hurts. My favorite restaurant there is a place called Buntyn's. A guitar playing buddy of mine, Buddy Davis, turned me on to Buntyn's years before it was as popular as it is today. The great thing is that it's still every bit as cool as it ever was, and the food had remained the same, GREAT! SUN Studio, Graceland, The Rendevous, B.B. King's, The Pyramid. Memphis has a lot to offer. Oh yeah, my mom lives there too:)
Solvang, California
A nice little Danish village located in California's Central Coast region. One of my favorite roads, "Refugio Road" is located here. It may be a bit touristy, but it's a lot of fun. Great waffles, maple fudge, wine, split pea soup, and very easy on the eye. Beautiful rolling hills that look like something from a Thomas Hart Benton painting. The best of California, and that's pretty good.
Paris, France
I had been to Paris before, but I never had a chance to see much. You know, fly in to the airport, then do the show, then out the next day. That's not seeing Paris. Well, my buddy Augie Meyers and I decided to stay over for a few days the last time I was in Europe. It was great fun. We saw all the typical tourist sites: the Louvre, Eiffel tower, Chaunce de Liize. We had some great food, lots of laughs, and I really enjoyed it this time.
Hallstat, Austria
I visited Austria while on a Meisner, Swan, & Rich tour of Europe. We got to stay in two little towns in Austria. It's one of the most beautiful places on earth. Remember the Sound of Music? Well, it's still there. Sweet, friendly people, and beautiful scenery. Viener Schnitzel with Spaetzle and Apfel Strudel. What more could you ask for?
Acapulco, Mexico
I generally don't like big cities, but Acapulco is the exception. You are practically forced to have a good time. I visited Acapulco when I was doing a gig on a cruise ship back in the 90s. We got off the ship and went to town. We traveled all over this gigantic city and found lots to do. We saw the cliff divers, silver merchants, all sorts of arts and crafts. We ate great Mexican food. The best part of the trip was when we went to a small little restaraunt off the beaten path, and apparently the word had gotten out on the boat about this place. Well, we ran into all the other bands on the ship. There must have been seventy people huddled into this little place. You could buy a bucket of Margaritas for chump change. It was fantastic.

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