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Welcome to the Fan Club section. This is where you can sign up for our newsletter or join the Fan Club. This is also where Fan Club members access the Members Only Site at the bottom of this page.

Our fan club president is Carmen Strevel. She will keep you informed on current events and updates, as well as being your fan club connection. We feel very blessed to have Carmen in our camp.

We feature a MEMBERS ONLY section for those who join the fan club. Fan club members can access their MEMBERS ONLY portion of the site by giving their User Name and Password below. The fee for joining is $10 dollars (US). This small fee goes towards postage and business expenses. You will be given your own User Name and Password, which allows you access to the Members Only section of the website, as well as a personally autographed picture of Charlie and discounts on all Charlie Rich, Jr. merchandise. If you would like to join our fan club, please contact Carmen Strevel, and she will be glad to help get you started.


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